Reading Lists

#Ownvoices is a hashtag that started on twitter, used to recommend books about diverse characters written by authors from that same diverse group. Collected here are ...
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Banned Books

The following is a list of the most challenged books in recent years.  Celebrate your freedom to read!

Biographies and Memoirs

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Books to Read if You Don't Like Reading

Don't like reading?  The books on this list are sure to keep you engaged and wanting more!

Cooking and Baking

If you're looking for reads good enough to eat you've found the right list!

From Books to Netflix

These books have all been made into movies or television series that are available to stream on Netflix! Read it, then watch it or vice versa!


There's never been a better time to start your garden. Whether you want to grow flowers, or veggies or learn how to make the world a greener more sustainable place there's a book here for you!

Graphic Novels

A great graphic novel is a perfect marriage of excellent story telling and beautiful art. Check out this list of some of our favorites.

Historical Fiction

Take a journey into the past with any of these terrific reads.


If you enjoy that icy cold trickle of fear that travels down your back when you read something truly scary you're gonna wanna read at least one of these.

Mysteries and Thrillers

Tales with plenty of thrills, chills and a cozy or two to delight any fan of mystery and suspense.

New Fiction

Check out these hot off the press reads, perfect for the beach or a rainy afternoon at home!

Novels in Verse

Love poetry? Check out these young adult novels written in verse!


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Everyone needs a little romance now and again. Look no further for rogues, runaway brides and all the meet cutes you can handle!

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Fairy tales, aliens, spaceships and monsters aren't just for kids. Are you looking to discover new worlds and exciting characters to fall in love with? Check out these books.

YA Fantasy Worlds

Escape reality and enter into a fictional world where magic, mythical creatures & mayhem often reside with these young adult fantasy novels! Most listed are part ...
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It's a Fantasy

Image a world of dragons and talking animals. Take your little ones on an adventure with these must-read fairytales and Imagine Your Story!

Believe in the Impossible

Take a trip to lands of incredible creatures and never-ending adventures. These books will take you to faraway places and beyond! Imagine Your Story and believe in the impossible.

Life's an Adventure

Books have been transporting people to other places and times for hundreds of years. There's something about stories that continue to captivate us. Imagine Your Story through this adventurous list.

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